Seeking God

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Seeking God: Poetic Devotions For a Life of Prayer

“Seeking God” is the first book in the “God” series to be published by Impact Prayer Ministry.  This is a devotional book written by Impact Prayer Ministry director, Tom Lemler.  It contains 60 original poems with corresponding prayer points following each poem.  God began putting poems in the mind of Tom on  December 17, 2013 and as he shared them with people, God kept giving more.  Within two months, a collection of 60 poems existed and that number keeps growing.  Through the encouragement of friends and family this book began to form with the final draft being sent to the printer and to Kindle publishing on March 17, 2014!

The book is available in three formats:
     Paperback — 5.5″ x 8.5″, 160 pages, MSRP $14.95
     Paperback (large print) — 8.5″ x 11″, 160 pages, MSRP $18.95
     Kindle eBook — MSRP $6.99

This book is available on  The following link will take you to the book’s Kindle page on Amazon where you can also find purchasing information for the other formats.

The complete “God” series of books will include:

Seeking God:  Poetic Devotions For a Life of Prayer (now published)
Pursuing God:  52 Prayer Guides For Pursuing a Lifestyle of Prayer (summer 2014 release ?)
Knowing God:  A Doctor’s Advice from the Gospel of Luke (fall 2014 release ?)
Serving God:  Lessons from the Book of Acts on How to Act (winter 2014/15 release ?)

The above titles, subtitles and release dates of the next three books in the series are subject to change.