Impact Prayer Ministry is directed by Tom Lemler.  Tom Speaking

Impact Prayer Ministry officially began on November 1, 2005.  However, the seeds and roots of this ministry go back much further in time and run much deeper.

God took a youth minister in transition and planted in his mind Ezekiel 22:30 as a life verse to guide him in living out of his pursuit of God.  February 3, 2000 was a turning point in the life of this minister.  It began a commitment in Tom’s life to be one who would “stand in the gap” on behalf of others.

In a lot of ways, it is hard to say exactly when Impact Prayer Ministry began.  The seeds were sown throughout my life and the process of birth and growth has seemed long and slow.  The unofficial start was in February 2000 under the name “GAP Ministry”.  God had made clear His calling that I be one who would stand in the gap on behalf of the people and the land.  The “GAP” part of the name also stood for the ministry belief and tagline — God Answers Prayer!

At that time, the scope of the ministry was rather small from man’s perspective, but God used it to give me opportunities to teach and connect with larger prayer movements and efforts.  Within a few years I found myself involved in prayer journeys and prayer gatherings from South Bend, Indiana to Salt Lake City, Utah to Vancouver, British Columbia to Dublin, Ireland through the ministry of Impact Ministries International.  In August of 2005, I was asked to join the Impact Ministries International staff as their director of prayer ministry — a position I accepted and was able to learn much from the ministry director, Dean Trune.  It was at this point that the personal ministry God was doing in and through me became more commonly known as Impact Prayer Ministry rather than GAP Ministry.

Early in 2008, a change began in Impact Ministries International as some of the administrative staff wanted the ministry to focus solely on campus ministry to become more effective in that rather than be diversified in the areas of Prayer Ministry, International Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, and a couple of other focus areas that I seem to have forgotten. 🙂  Eventually, that desire led to the dissolution of Impact Ministries International and the forming of newly focused ministries — Impact Campus Ministries, Intentional Impact Ministries (a teaching/personal coaching ministry led by Dean Trune), and the continuing of Impact Prayer Ministry that I lead.  As Impact Ministries International moved toward a process of dissolution, I accepted a position as advancement manager for Michiana Christian Service Camp with the understanding I could apply the principles of prayer ministry to and through the advancement of the camp.

Through a complex series of events, the camp found itself in a financial crisis and in need of a maintenance director soon after I was hired.  In an effort to address or solve both problems, my role and responsibility was changed from advancement manager to facilities manager.  While this had caused the prayer ministry to take a back seat for a time, God continued to prepare me and give me opportunities away from camp to preach, teach, and lead in the area of prayer.  Then, through a series of events that have the fingerprints of God all over them, I was able to move into a much less demanding maintenance position at the Deer Run Church of Christ with their full support and encouragement to pursue God’s leading in allowing Him to build and grow the prayer ministry however and wherever He wants.  It is an exciting time for Impact Prayer Ministry as God opens up the opportunity to more effectively use the gifts He has given.  It is through these opportunities that Impact Prayer Ministry exists and continues to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

The purpose of Impact Prayer Ministry remains unchanged — to stand in the gap and to help people grow in their relationship with God through a prayer-based pursuit of Him.

In prayer,

Tom Lemler
Director, Impact Prayer Ministry

Tom lives in South Bend, Indiana with his wife, Mary Jane, and their daughter, Susan.  Tom and Mary Jane have been married since September 21, 1981.  Susan was born in 1989 and brings great joy and blessing to everyone she meets.

Susan has Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and a Seizure Disorder which greatly limit her abilities in the physical realm. Yet her spiritual awareness is greater than nearly anyone with “normal” physical capabilities and she continues to teach Tom and those around her about what it means to have a complete faith and trust in God.

Tom’s preaching and teaching are designed to connect you and your congregation with God by helping you seek greater intimacy with Him.