Prayer Seminars

Tom teaching

Prayer Walk teaching in Dallas, Oregon

An Impact Prayer Seminar or Conference is designed to help lead a congregation or small group to a greater understanding and practice of the incredible privilege of prayer.

An Impact Prayer Seminar can be designed to help take you from where you are in prayer, to where God wants you to be.  Here’s what an Impact Prayer Gathering participant said on her post-gathering evaluation:

“I was surprised at the depth of Biblical teaching on prayer that came with this trip.  Tom is an excellent teacher and many of the teaching times hit home with me personally.  This was like a mini-seminar on prayer — I wasn’t expecting that.  I learned many things that I want to take back to my church and will also use in my own life.”

This teaching segment of Impact Prayer Ministry takes the following forms:

  • Preaching – used when a sermon is the most appropriate method of communicating the message.
  • Teaching – Sunday School, Small Groups, Retreats, Congregations, and other settings where a seminar or conference ranging in length from one hour to several days could best motivate people to pray.
  • Prayer Walks – An Impact Prayer Walk is designed to help you be aware of your surroundings and use them as a guide to your prayers as you gain God’s perspective on the area you are praying for.
  • Concerts of Prayer – An Impact Concert of Prayer is designed to assist you in praying through, and in response to, scripture.  The purpose is to allow God to speak to you as you speak to Him.
  • Prayer Gatherings – An Impact Prayer Gathering draws groups of people together to pray for a specific community, campus, congregation, or region.
  • Prayer Journeys – An Impact Prayer Journey is an exploratory prayer trip to an area.  Our goal is to seek God and discover if He would have us involved in that place.

Each seminar is designed to meet the needs of your congregation or group.  The schedule is all built around session times and length that work best for you.  Here is a sample schedule for a prayer seminar in a local church setting:

7:00 PM Saturday:  Meet with elders, church staff, and leaders for time of prayer and focus on being a praying leadership.

AM Sunday:  Preach a prayer-focused sermon.

3:00 PM Sunday:  Prayer walk teaching and neighborhood prayer walks.

6:30 PM Sunday:  Seminar session(s) on developing a lifestyle of prayer.

Daytime Monday:  More prayer walk teaching and neighborhood prayer walks.

6:30 PM Monday:  Seminar session(s) on developing a lifestyle of prayer.

6:30 PM Tuesday:  Prayer teaching and closing concert of prayer.  Praying in response to scripture.

The number of days and length of sessions can be adjusted to fit the need.

Tom’s preaching and teaching are designed to connect you and your congregation with God by helping you seek greater intimacy with Him.  For more information or scheduling, please contact Tom via mail, phone, or email using the contact link on menu bar at the top of this page.