Serving God


Serving God:
Devotions For Active Worship

“Serving God” is the fourth book in the “God” series to be published by Impact Prayer Ministry.  This book is a collection of daily devotions originally written for use in a summer camp setting for daily staff devotions.  It is laid out in a series of 13 weeks worth of daily devotions with each week wrapped around a specific topic of how or why we ought to serve.  If you are a child of God, you are supposed to be serving others so this devotional book is suitable for Christians in every walk of life . . . not just those in Christian camp ministry.  As we learn to serve others with the proper attitude and spirit, we find that serving really is a form of active worship.

The complete “God” series of books includes:

Seeking God:  Poetic Devotions For a Life of Prayer (now published)
Pursuing God:  52 Prayer Guides For Pursuing a Lifestyle of Prayer (now published)
Knowing God:  More Poetic Devotions From a Life of Prayer (now published)
Serving God:  Devotions For Active Worship (now published)

The above title, subtitle and release date of the final book in the series is subject to change.

2 thoughts on “Serving God

  1. tom I am looking for a devotional book for our summer staff. What is the cost for “serving God”?
    I’m sure hoping we have summer camp this summer!

    • Hello,
      My hope and prayer is that we are through this pandemic crisis well before summer and that the Christian camps are filled to capacity for each week as families realize a need to draw near to God.

      How many copies of the book do you anticipate needing? There are a couple of options depending on budget and finances available. My policy is to not let cost keep people from resources that I’ve written which would help them grow in their relationship with God. They sell for $5.95 on Amazon, which is the simplest from my end as they take care of everything and deposit a royalty in the prayer ministry bank account. 🙂 If that is over budget or available finances, especially at this time, let me know as I can work with you on this. I couldn’t find your email address in anything I have, so drop me a note at and I’ll be happy to work with you on this.

      In prayer,
      Tom Lemler
      Impact Prayer Ministry

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