Serving God


Serving God:
Devotions For Active Worship

“Serving God” is the fourth book in the “God” series to be published by Impact Prayer Ministry.  This book is a collection of daily devotions originally written for use in a summer camp setting for daily staff devotions.  It is laid out in a series of 13 weeks worth of daily devotions with each week wrapped around a specific topic of how or why we ought to serve.  If you are a child of God, you are supposed to be serving others so this devotional book is suitable for Christians in every walk of life . . . not just those in Christian camp ministry.  As we learn to serve others with the proper attitude and spirit, we find that serving really is a form of active worship.

The complete “God” series of books includes:

Seeking God:  Poetic Devotions For a Life of Prayer (now published)
Pursuing God:  52 Prayer Guides For Pursuing a Lifestyle of Prayer (now published)
Knowing God:  More Poetic Devotions From a Life of Prayer (now published)
Serving God:  Devotions For Active Worship (now published)

The above title, subtitle and release date of the final book in the series is subject to change.

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