Knowing God

Knowing God:
A Doctor’s Advice From the Gospel of Luke

“Knowing God” will be the third book in the “God” series to be published by Impact Prayer Ministry.  This will be a book based out of a sermon series through Luke from Impact Prayer Ministry director, Tom Lemler.  The premise of this book, taken from the sermon series, is that knowing God is quite different from knowing about God.  The book will examine how Christ lived, not so much from an informational point of view, but with a focus on the reader being transformed by a recognition that this same Christ of the Bible lives in them through His Spirit.

The complete “God” series of books will include:

Seeking God:  Poetic Devotions For a Life of Prayer (now published)
Pursuing God:  52 Prayer Guides For Pursuing a Lifestyle of Prayer (summer 2014 release ?)
Knowing God:  A Doctor’s Advice from the Gospel of Luke (fall 2014 release ?)
Serving God:  Lessons from the Book of Acts on How to Act (winter 2014/15 release ?)

The above titles, subtitles and release dates of the final three books in the series are subject to change.